Your Story Starts Here

Your Story Starts Here

The country’s only all-digital, use-as-you-want, 180-day curriculum has an astounding 400-plus pages of carefully curated yearbook instruction and business support that’s pedagogically sound and for all levels.

Staff Resources

Staff Resources

Need a PowerPoint that shows breathtaking student photography?

We’ve got that. A handout for caption writing? Yep. Class projects that actually generate content for your book? That, too.

Use the Staff Resource tab if you want to piecemeal our resources with your tried and true methods.

Adviser Guides and Handouts

Adviser Resources

Best practices for everything from how to manage and grade photo assignments to ladder planning and yearbook distribution.

Need quick access to the tests and answer keys about yearbook’s basic principles? You’ll find them here.

Industry Best

When you’ve obsessed over the design, tweaked the copy, changed the headline 10 times, triple-spell-checked, proofed and moved them around on your ladder, submit your pages all together. Then, in the same time as your current printer, your books arrive.

With Pictavo, you have one deadline for all your pages. For the astounded, it bears repeating: One. Deadline.

No Surprise Invoice

We start with one simple, unbeatable price with no hidden fees or unexpected end-of-the-year charges. You’ll know exactly how much profit your yearbook has generated for your school throughout the year. It’s important for you to create your dream yearbook instead of worrying about how to pay for it.


Limitless possibilities

First impressions mean everything. With limitless cover options and some of the best cover designers in the industry, you can create your dream cover that doesn’t break the bank. 

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Whether you’d like a Pictavo demonstration or just to learn more, we’re here for you. Tell us a bit about your program and how we can make your year easier. We’ll work with you to build a yearbook program that works for your school. 

For an estimate or an apples-to-apples price, you can include your book specs or a past invoice.