Fitting and Care

Please try on your cap and gown immediately after receiving it to ensure the correct fit. Since sizes are based on your height and weight instead of traditional sizing, there will be some variance form person to person. The gown should fit loosely around your body and should fall about half-way down your calf. The sleeves will be be wide but should leave your hand free. After you’ve tried on your gown, you can use a warm iron to remove the wrinkles then hang it up with your cap and tassel until graduation day!


We’ll be in your school for two days for cap & gown delivery. If you’d like to exchange your gown for a new size, please bring it back to school on the second day and we would be happy to help. After your in-school delivery days you can request an exchange using the form below. Sizes and colors are based on availability, so please let us know ASAP.